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Security Management & Executive Consulting | Portcullis Modern

Security. Transformed.

Security Executive Consulting

Portcullis Modern Inc. is a progressive security management consulting firm specializing in change management and advisory services. We provide strategic guidance and planning to help security businesses navigate major corporate and system transformations.


With expertise in integrated security, business management, and design, we offer tailored solutions for security leaders in dynamic risk environments. Our approach centers on maintaining a positive mindset and creating purposeful partnerships to deliver sustainable outcomes.


When you work with us, expect a collaborative and transparent process focused on driving meaningful results.

Security Consulting & Advisory

Customized Security Solutions

Portcullis Modern's Security Consulting and Advisory service collaborates with clients to identify specific security requirements and provides customized solutions to address unique security needs.

​As your resource for support and advice based on best practices, industry standards, and experience, we make sense of complex technical deliverables for projects that meet your business objectives. 

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Security Change Management 

Transformation Facilitation

Developed exclusively by Portcullis Modern, SCM provides frameworks and tools to facilitate organizational transformation

initiatives within the security function.

This empowers security teams to smoothly transition to new ways of operating.

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Security Management Consulting

Your Strategy Aligned.
Portcullis Modern's Security Business Management service collaborates with security leaders to create strategies, plans, and visions tailored to their specific business and objectives.

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